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Chasing Butterflies books by Jorja Dupont Oliva

"Chasing Butterflies" Book Series

Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden, is a story of enchanting friendships and magical bonds. After following her first love to the foothills of the Carolina's, Lizzy returns to her small southern town to start a life without her childhood sweetheart. Everything she imagined her life would be, now veered off in a different direction. The biggest fear of it all, the unknown, the anticipation of a life not yet imagined. Lizzy goes in search of her identity and finds the lasting power of friendship. Lizzy's childhood friend Ripley, reunites her with a former high school classmate Dee, who had been rumored to talk to the dead. Dee and her magical garden take Lizzy for the ride of a lifetime. She opens Lizzy's eyes to the existence of everyday magic. Dee teaches Lizzy that life is not solely about living, it is also about surviving. Lizzy and Dee are both in search of butterflies in the magical garden--we call life. To each girl, the butterflies mean something different. They learn along the way, if we look beyond the things we cannot see, we may find what we are looking for.

Is anyone truly meant to spend their entire life alone? In Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest, Dee searches for the truth, to free her from darkness and solitude. As Dee grapples with what is real, and what is not, Lizzy can only keep faith, so it doesn’t consume their friendship. Once again, a lesson can be learned: things are not always what you think they are…

In the third book of the Chasing Butterflies series, CHASING BUTTERFLIES IN THE UNSEEN UNIVERSE is a journey into the diverse lives of three women. Just when Ripley Smith Watson thinks her life is over...she begins Chasing Butterflies.
Ripley reads from the magical book and a world she has almost forgotten about, comes to life. She brings life back into her dear friends. In the process, she begins to live again.  Lizzy battles with the chaos of life, while she worries for the future of her unborn child. As she fights her inner demons, her relationships with others suffer in the midst, only to reveal the true meaning to her life.  Dee discovers her son Henry may share the Bishop gift. Henry’s curiosity about his father forces her to go in search of a memory she’s left far behind.  As past, present, and future collide; a lesson is learned. The heart remembers for eternity all beauty unseen with the eyes.

Jorja DuPont Oliva was born and raised in a small town in Florida, and still resides there with her husband of 13 years, her two sons and many animals. She is a small business owner with a dear friend of 18 years. She has always loved writing. It was her way of letting her feelings out without the world knowing. After she, and her business partner decided she needed some personal time, she decided to take a book writing class.   Jorja had always said that she wanted to write a book.

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